Manual & Pneumatic Toggle Clamps

Clamptek offers wide selection of different dimension toggle clamps.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Workholding Products

Clamptek offers wide variety of Workholding Products, such as link Clamps, Work Support Clamps and Swing Clamps.

Hydraulic Power Units

Professional design team provides customer all kinds of support.

Manufacturer & Product Innovation

Clamptek believes in technology innovation as a core value for the company. With our own R&D department , we are able to apply our state-of-the-art technology to shape a new era in the clamping industry.

About Clamptek
    The technical R&D of Clamptek originated in Taiwan, where its headquarter is located. With the global mindset, Clamptek is able to have a phenomenal growth in product development, manufacturing, and sales capacity, which eventually helped gain the brand recognition and trust from our clients.
    We have currently set up multiple subsidiary offices and division companies in Taiwan, China, and the US and several distributors around the world. With the continuing effort of hard work and perseverance, Clamptek has made a significant contribution in the machinery industry.
Clamptek Products
    Clamptek's high precision fixture components mainly include manual toggle clamps, pneumatic & hydraulic clamping system, hydraulic power units, machining & welding fixtures, F clamps, C clamps, and other manual, automation products. They are widely used in aircraft, automobile, motorcycle manufacturing assembly, electronic assembly, furniture production, printing machinery, powder coating equipment, mold design, engineering automation, and other related industries.
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