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Clamptek Fixture Components 101

What is a fixture?

A fixture is a piece of equipment that holds workpieces quickly and safely in position during welding, assembly, etc. Fixture tables’ sizes, types, wiring layouts, component selections, and placements will be customized due to the different types of workpieces to be processed. Therefore, each fixture table is customized according to needs.

Fixture components are auxiliary tools installed on the fixture table that act as helpers between the fixed workpiece and the fixture table. The fixture components are divided into various power sources, such as manual clamping devices, hydraulic clamping devices, pneumatic clamping devices, etc.

We will next be introducing the three main clamping devices that are manufactured and sold by Clamptek:

1. Manual toggle clamps: a manual clamping device that is used in welding, drilling, and assembly fixtures. It is mainly used in non-automated equipment, such as inspection fixtures, welding fixtures, etc. Before automated fixtures, some manufacturers will use manual toggle clamps to increase the speed of operation.

Features: Simple structure, convenient operation, fast loading and unloading.

2. Hydraulic clamps: a hydraulic clamping device that converts hydraulic pressure into clamping force to secure workpieces. It is often used in heavy metal-cutting and is mainly used in automated equipment.

Features: 1). The hydraulic clamping force is larger than the pneumatic clamping force. 2). The hydraulic pressure is more stable than the air pressure, and there is less vibration when in use (because the hydraulic oil can hardly be compressed).

3. Pneumatic clamps: a pneumatic clamping device that uses air pressure to generate clamping force to secure the workpiece. It is often used in light metal-cutting and is mainly used in automated equipment. The entire set of equipment is systemized through air piping.

Features: 1). In terms of housekeeping, pneumatic systems are easier to maintain in comparison to hydraulic counterparts due to oil leakage. 2). It is easier to control than hydraulic cylinders. 3). Air can be compressed, so when it’s impacted, it can buffer. 4). Pneumatic equipment is less complex than hydraulic equipment, and pneumatic power sources, such as air and other sorts of suitable pure gas are easier to obtain.

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