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Clamptek Encyclopedia: Pneumatic Support Clamp (CSW Series)

In order to meet the needs of customers, Clamptek has developed and produced pneumatic support cylinders in addition to the hydraulic support cylinders we previously introduced. Therefore, we will be presenting the pneumatic support cylinders in this article.

pneumatic clamp is a pneumatic clamping device that uses air pressure to generate the clamping force. It is often used in light metal-cutting and is mainly used in automated production lines and automated equipment such as pneumatic fixtures and jigs.

Pneumatic Support Clamp: It is a supporting workpiece that can be elastically adjusted to the desired height. During processing, the air pressure causes the piston rod to move in the direction of the pressure. When the piston rod reaches the supporting position, it will stop and maintain stable support at that position. The support clamp can effectively prevent the vibration generated during the processing of the workpiece and the deformation during clamping. The support cylinder can improve the processing accuracy of the workpiece, and because of its small size, it can be configured and used in a narrow space.

Which types of workpiece require the help of a support clamp during machining?

Thin machining parts

Irregularly shaped workpieces

Workpieces without supporting structure

Workpieces that need to be machined on a flat surface

Workpieces with uneven bottom height

The Features of Clamptek's Pneumatic Support Clamp:

It can improve the working environment and meet the needs of a clean working environment.

It's suitable for light metal cutting and when workpieces require fine precision processing, e.g. mobile phones.

The cylinder itself is lightweight and compact, which is suitable to use when there are limited spaces during processing.

Recommend!! Clamptek's Self-Produced Pneumatic Support Clamps – CSW series:

- CSW's maximum working pressure is at 1 MPa and minimum working pressure is at 0.4 MPa.

- The outer diameter of CSW cylinder has four sizes: M26x1.5, M30x1.5, M36x1.5, M45x1.5 (mm)

(M30x1.5 is the best-selling CSW product of Clamptek)

- CSW has two types: spring rising type (A), Pneumatic Rising Type: (standard) (B).

* Spring-up type (A): The initial state of the piston rod is up, and the workpiece is placed on the piston rod and dropped to a certain distance due to the weight of the workpiece. At this time, the clamping force of the supplied air pressure on the clamp cover is applied to the piston rod, so that the piston rod can support the workpiece firmly.

* Pneumatic rising type (B): The initial state of the piston rod is down. When the air pressure is supplied, the piston rod rises and stops at any position of the workpiece. While stopping, the clamping force of the air pressure on the clamp cover is applied to the piston rod, so that the piston rod can stably support the workpiece.

*If you need to order stronger springs, please contact the sales representatives for more information.

*Notes: When installing, the bottom surface of the support clamp must be kept in close contact with the bottom surface of the mounting hole.



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