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Clamptek Encyclopedia: Hydraulic Swing Clamp (CHA Series)

Swing Clamp: It is one of the most commonly used clamping tools in industrial manufacturing. When the swing clamp is in action, the piston rod will drive the clamp arm to press down and rotate to the desired position and angle, thereby clamping the workpiece. The swing clamp is suitable to use during mass production and high-precision processing of workpieces, such as machining, assembly, and welding. It is also suitable for use when you need to make room for the workpiece, or when you need to clamp the workpiece from above.

The swing clamps can be divided into the following three types according to different classification methods: the power source, installation, and pipeline connection method. The required clamping force can also help determine the types of clamp to get.
According to the power source: can choose between air pressure and oil pressure
According to the installation method: can choose between top flange type, bottom flange type, and male threaded type
According to pipeline connection: can choose between manifold type and line type

The Features of Clamptek’s Hydraulic Swing Clamp – CHA series:
Compact structure, suitable for use in small spaces.
Fast clamping speed with accurate positioning that can improve work efficiency.
The timing of the cylinder action can be arranged according to the needs.

Recommend!! Clamptek's Self-Produced Hydraulic Swing Clamps – CHA series:
➤ The accessories of this series use optimized design to make sure the volume is more compact.
➤ The product adopts a special dust-proof design to further improve dust-proofing and sealing performance.
➤ The product structure design has high torsion resistance and high durability.
-Action method: double acting
-Maximum operating pressure: 70 kgf/cm2
-Minimum operating pressure: 15 kgf/cm2
-Cylinder outer diameter: 36, 40, 48, 55, 65, 75, 90, 105 (mm)
-Clamping arm type: Single side arm / Double side arm
-Swing direction: left/right
-Swing angle: 30, 45, 60, 90(°)
-Type: Line type / Manifold type / Manifold with flow control

* There is an option to choose whether to install an air sensor. Please refer to the catalog or contact the sale representatives for details.
* There is also CHA-P series to choose from.



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