Toggle Clamps

Clamptek Encyclopedia: Horizontal Toggle Clamp (CH-2602-B / CH-2603-B / CH-2604-B)

Toggle clamps are a kind of tool that is used for clamping, fixing, fastening, and other functions in industrial manufacturing. During mass production, they can be used when accurate positioning, clamping, and toggle assembly/disassembly are required. Because of its easy operation, efficiency in processing, and stable clamping force, some manufacturers will use toggle clamps to increase the speed of operation before going into automated fixtures. Toggle clamps are usually used in fixture design, welding, inspection tools, molds, drilling, and assembly work.

Toggle clamps are divided into the following types according to the shape structure and movement (force direction): vertical, horizontal, push-pull, latch, extrusion, composite vertical, pneumatic, C-type clamp, F-type clamp and other, etc. In this article, we will be introducing Clamptek's horizontal toggle clamps.

Features of Clamptek Toggle Clamps:
Stable clamping force
Simple structure
Easy to install
Safe and reliable
Wide range of usage
High quality
Variety of selection

When will the toggle clamp be used?
Toggle clamps are widely used in major manufacturing, processing industries and industries that require to fixed the workpieces into places during production.
For example: aircraft assembly, automobile welding, bicycles production, machine tools, molds, mechanical hardware parts, electronic components, woodworking manufacturing, sporting equipment and other industries.

Horizontal Toggle Clamps: In the clamped state, the handle and the bar are in a horizontal state. The handle and the bar act in opposite directions; pressing down the handle can secure the workpiece in place, and lifting the handle can loosen it. Horizontal toggle clamps generally are applicable near the outside of the fixture table. The bar and handle can be customized according to the clamp or customer requirements.

Recommend!! Clamptek's Self-Produced Horizontal Toggle Clamps – CH-2602-B / CH-2603-B / CH-2604-B series:
➤Laser is generally utilized during the automobile manufacturing process. And to prevent the plated surface of the standard clamp from causing reflections during that process, Clamptek has created this series of having blackened surface clamp to overcome this problem.
CH-2602-B / CH-2603-B / CH-2604-B
Clamping force: 185kgf / 105kgf / 82kgf
Product weight: 210g / 185g / 105g
Bar opening angle: 90° / 90° / 90°
Handle opening angle: 61° / 64° / 55°
Spindle Part Number: CH-FC-56212 / CH-FC-065110 / CH-FC-053808

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