Pneumatic Clamps

Clamptek Encyclopedia: Pneumatic Swing Clamp (PB Series)

A pneumatic clamp is a clamping device that uses air pressure to generate the clamping force. According to the different operation methods, it is divided into support clamp, lever clamp, angle clamp, linear clamp, and so on.

Swing Clamp: In the machining and manufacturing process, the swing clamp is an indispensable clamping tool to help improve efficiency. It is suitable for machines and jigs to mass-produced parts, and can greatly improve the automation of machining, assembly, welding, and other fixtures.When the swing clamp is in action, the piston rod will drive the clamp arm to press down and rotate to the desired position and angle, thereby clamping the workpiece. The swing clamp is suitable for when the production requires fast and high accuracy for the workpiece.

The swing clamps can be divided into the following three types according to different classification methods: the power source, installation, and pipeline connection method. The required clamping force can also help determine the types of clamps to get.
-According to the power source: can choose between air pressure and oil pressure
-According to the installation method: can choose between top flange type, bottom flange type, and male threaded type
-According to pipeline connection: can choose between manifold type and line type

The Features of Clamptek’s Pneumatic Swing Clamp – PB series:
Compact structure, suitable for use in small spaces.
Fast clamping speed with accurate positioning that can improve work efficiency.
The timing of the cylinder action can be arranged according to the needs.
Suitable for use in environments that need to be kept clean.

Recommend!! Clamptek's Self-Produced Pneumatic Swing Clamps – PB series:
➤ Simple and compact structure, lightweight, and long product lifespan.
➤ It is widely used in industrial automation, such as clamping of sheet metal, clamping of workpieces on conveyor belts, and packaging assembly line operations.
-Action method: double acting
-Maximum operating pressure: 7 kgf/cm2
-Minimum operating pressure: 4 kgf/cm2
-Stroke: Long Stroke / Short Stroke
-The swinging direction: left/right
-The inner diameter: 25, 32, 40, 50 (mm)
-The swinging angle: 0, 45, 60, 90(°)

* There is an option to choose whether to install sensor switches. Please refer to the catalog or contact the sale representatives for details.



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