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Clamptek Encyclopedia: Hydraulic Sequence Valve (CLG Series)

Sequence Valves: In the hydraulic system, when a hydraulic pump needs to supply more than two hydraulic components (such as hydraulic cylinders), a sequence valve can be used to control the sequence of actions of multiple actuators by using pressure changes in the circuit, and achieve the automatic control of the oil circuit system.

The control pressure of the sequence valve can come from its own pressure or external oil pressure, and different circuit functions can be achieved depending on its purpose and structure. The function of the sequence valve is that when the set pressure is reached, the valve will open to make the pressure oil enter the next stage. Therefore, the sequence valve can also be used as a pressure regulator valve.

One-way sequence valve: A one-way sequence valve is when a one-way (reverse check) valve is set between the oil inlet and the oil outlet. Sequence valves in general are rarely used alone and are often used in conjunction with check valves. Check valves allow oil flow to pass freely in the reverse direction, without being restricted by sequence valves.

Actuation mode: When two or more hydraulic cylinders are required to act in different sequences, the pressure generated by the oil pump will push the first hydraulic cylinder to act, and then the hydraulic oil will flow into the one-way sequence valve from the oil inlet. When the oil inlet pressure reaches the set pressure of the valve, the valve core will move up. And when the oil inlet is connected to the oil outlet circuit, the hydraulic oil flows from the oil inlet to the oil outlet to make the next hydraulic cylinder continue to operate, therefore, the effect of sequence control is achieved.
When the hydraulic oil enters the one-way sequence valve from the oil outlet, the valve core moves downward under the action of the hydraulic oil pressure. When the oil outlet is connected with the oil inlet, the hydraulic oil flows through the one-way valve, and the sequence valve does not work, then the effect of sequence control is not achieved.

Recommend!! Clamptek's Self-Produced Hydraulic Sequence Valves - CLG series:
➤ Sequential Action Pressure Adjustment Range: 3: 1.0~6.0MPa / 6: 5.0~18.0MPa
➤ Manifold Type
➤ Adjusting the screw can change the set pressure of the sequence valve to control the sequence action of the hydraulic components under different opening pressures
➤ Set Pressure (Set valve for sequence operating pressure):
1. The pressure difference between the working pressure and the set pressure should be set above 1MPa
2. When multiple sequence valves are used in the circuit, the pressure difference between the set pressures should be set above 1MPa

1. If the flow volume of the incoming pressure side is too much, there is a possibility that the proper sequential procedures would not work.
2. Please use a flow control valve to adjust flow volume from the pressure source.

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