Toggle Clamps

Clamptek Encyclopedia: Pneumatic Toggle Clamp (CH-702-DA)

In industrial manufacturing, toggle clamp is a kind of tool that is used for positioning, clamping, and other functions. During mass production, they can be used when accurate positioning, clamping or toggle assembly/disassembly are required. Because of its easy operation, efficiency in processing, and stable clamping force, toggle clamps are usually used in fixture design, welding, inspection tools, molds, drilling and assembly work.

Toggle clamps are divided into the following types according to the shape structure and movement (force direction): vertical, horizontal, push-pull, latch, extrusion, composite vertical, pneumatic, C-type clamp, F-type clamp and other etc. In this article, we will be introducing Clamptek's pneumatic toggle clamps.

Features of Clamptek Toggle Clamps:
Simple structure
Easy to install
Safe and reliable
Wide range of usage
High quality
Variety of models
Stable clamping force
Long lasting
With anti-rust treatment
Fulfill automation (Pneumatic)

When will the toggle clamp be used?
Toggle clamps are widely used in major manufacturing, processing industries and industries that require to fix the workpieces into places during production. For example: aircraft assembly, automobile welding, bicycles production, machine tools, molds, mechanical hardware parts, electronic components, woodworking manufacturing, sporting equipment and other industries.

Pneumatic Toggle Clamp: It is a clamp that combines manual toggle clamps with automatic components (air cylinders) to clamp and position the workpiece under the pressure of compressed air. When performing more frequent clamping operations, pneumatic clamps can reduce the workload on the operator and achieve automation. The basic design of the pneumatic clamp is the same as the manual toggle clamp, except that it uses the pneumatic operation method. The clamping function of the pneumatic clamp is related to the cylinder/clamp/pressure and can be used with a sensing line for position sensing.

Features of Pneumatic Clamps:

➤The pneumatic clamp can be operated simultaneously with the manual clamp.
➤When the air supply is cut off, the pneumatic clamp will still be clamped.
➤Multiple pneumatic clamps can act at the same time, and they can operate in a specified order to achieve automatic control.

Recommendation!! Clamptek's Self-Manufactured Pneumatic Toggle Clamp - CH-702-DA:
Maximum Holding Capacity: 500kgf
Weight: 3015g
Bar Opens: 74°
Port Size: G1/8"
Cylinder Inside Diameter: 40mm
Cylinder Area: 12.56cm2
Maximum Cylinder Air Pressure: 10kg/cm2(140PSI)

*The cylinder’s port can be replaced with an NPT or G port. Any OEM projects are also welcomed! For more information, please contact the sales representatives!



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