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Clamptek Encyclopedia: Latch-Type Clamp (CH-40380)

Toggle clamps are a kind of tool that is used for clamping, positioning, and other functions in industrial manufacturing. During mass production, they can be used when accurate securing and fast clamping are required. Because of its easy operation, efficiency in processing, and stable clamping force, some manufacturers will use toggle clamps to increase the speed of operation before going into automated fixtures. Toggle clamps are usually used in fixture design, welding, inspection tools, molds, drilling, and assembly work.


Toggle clamps are divided into the following types according to the shape structure and movement (force direction): vertical, horizontal, push-pull, latch, extrusion, composite vertical, pneumatic, C-type clamp, F-type clamp and other, etc. In this article, we will be introducing Clamptek's latch type toggle clamps.


Features of Clamptek’s Toggle Clamps:

Simple structure

Easy to install

Safe and reliable

Wide range of usage

High quality


Variety of selection

Stable clamping force

Electroplating with anti-rust treatment

Long product life span (approximately 100,000 uses in normal operation)


When will the toggle clamp be used?

Toggle clamps are widely used in major manufacturing, processing industries, and industries that require fixing the workpieces into places during production.

For example, aircraft assembly, automobile/motorcycle welding and manufacturing, bicycles, machine tools, fixture/molds, mechanical hardware/electronic component parts, woodworking manufacturing, plastic products, sports equipment production, and other industries.


Latch-Type Toggle Clamps: The way this type of clamp secures the workpiece is in the form and function of a door latch. The varieties of the draw hooks include U-shaped hook, J-shaped hook… and etc. The workpiece can be buckled to achieve the securing/clamping effect after the handle is tightened and pressed down.

This type of clamp can meet the needs of a variety of positioning and clamping. It has advantages in lateral, vertical, and hole positioning and clamping. It is suitable for applications such as doors, machinery, automobiles, fixture components, and other applications. Many models have been listed as one of the standard components of certain industrial equipment.


Recommend!! Clamptek's Self-Produced Latch Type Toggle Clamps – CH-40380:

Holding Capacity: 3400kgf

Weight: 1590g

Optional Latch Plate: CH-40370-LP

*CH-40380-SS is the stainless-steel version of CH-40380


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