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Clamptek Encyclopedia: Rotary Joint (CJRC Series)

The rotary joint is a rotating mechanical sealing device that inputs the fluid medium from a stationary fixed supply pipeline into a rotating drum or reciprocating equipment, and then discharges it from the rotary joint. The media used for rotary joints include steam, water, heat transfer oil, hydraulic oil, air, and coolant, etc. Rotary joints are widely used in various types of mechanical equipment as a connecting body between rotating parts and non-rotating parts.


The common types of rotary joints are as follows: pneumatic rotary joints, hydraulic rotary joints, single-channel rotary joints, multi-channel rotary joints, high-speed rotary joints, high-pressure rotary joints, etc.


Features of Clamptek’s Rotary Joints:

Long service life

Compact size

Low torque

High rigidity

High durability

High sealing


When will the rotary joints be used?

Rotary joints have a wide range of applications. For example, the automation industry and the semiconductor industry make use of micro rotary joints, and other heavy industries and machine tool industries have heavy-duty rotary joints needs.


Recommend!! Clamptek's Self-Manufactured Rotary Joint – CJRC Series:

➤ For hydraulic pressure / pneumatic pressure / high volume coolant

➤ No Center Through Port

➤ Number of ports: 2, 4, 6, 8 ports

➤ Incoming Side Piping Method: B Piping Option (G thread) / S Piping Option (Rc thread)

➤ Outgoing Side Piping Method: A Both Gasket and Piping Option (with R thread plug) / D Both Gasket and Piping Option (with G thread plug)

➤ Recommended fluid: general hydraulic oil: below 7MPa / air pressure: below 1MPa

➤  Notes

1. If there is oil slick leak from hydraulic circuit to air circuit, install a drain circuit between the two circuits.

2. Please avoid continuous operation as it will cause overheating and damage to the internal packing.


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