Hydraulic Clamps

Clamptek Encyclopedia: Hydraulic Support Clamp (HSP Series)

A hydraulic clamp is a hydraulic clamping device that converts the hydraulic pressure into a clamping force to secure the workpiece. The hydraulic clamps can be classified into support clamps, leverage clamps, swing clamps, push-pull clamps, etc. according to different operating methods.


Hydraulic cylinders can help improve the automation process of the fixture. They are suitable to use during mass production and applied to various special machines and fixtures, such as machining, assembly, and welding. It is also suitable for use when you need to make room for the workpiece, or when you need to clamp the workpiece from above.


Support Clamp: Mainly used to support the workpiece. During processing, the piston rod will stop and hold tightly after reaching the supporting position to prevent the workpiece from deforming or moving due to the cutting force. The support clamp can reduce vibration and improve the processing accuracy of the workpiece, and because of its small size, it can be configured and used in a smaller space.



Which types of workpiece require the help of a support clamp during machining?

  • Thin machining parts
  • Irregularly shaped workpieces
  • Workpieces without supporting structure
  • Workpieces that need to be machined on a flat surface
  • Workpieces with uneven bottom height


Clamptek Bestselling Hydraulic Support Clamp – HSP Series:

        The maximum operating pressure of the HSP series is about 50 MPA. The body of this series of support cylinders is solely manufactured by Clamptek, and its internal parts are imported from Japan, Taiwan, Germany, and other countries. Clamptek has also invested in top machining centers such as DMG, MAZAK, VICTOR TAICHUNG CNC, and FEELER CNC, dedicated to providing customers with high-precision and high-quality products.


The external diameter of the HSP series support clamp has one size: 16 (mm). The pressure is high pressure 50 MPA, and the action mode is single action.


According to the actuation method, the HSP support clamps are divided into A-type and B-type:


*Spring Rising Type (Type A):

The initial state of the piston rod is up, and the workpiece is placed on the piston rod and dropped to a certain distance due to the weight of the workpiece. During this period, the oil pressure on the collet can grip the plunger with stronger power to generate the supporting force.


*Hydraulic Pressure Rising Type (Type B):

The initial state of the piston rod is down. When the oil pressure is supplied, the piston rod rises and stops at any position of the workpiece. During this period, the air pressure on the collet can grip the plunger with stronger power to generate the supporting force.



  • The support force must match the clamping force of the swing cylinder
  • The support force must be at least 1.5 times the amount of clamping force of a swing cylinder
  • Do not exceed the maximum flow rate to avoid premature lock-up
  • For optimal use, installing the support cylinder in the center position is highly recommended
  • The base of the support clamp should be horizontal to the bearing surface, and the angle should not exceed more than 10°






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