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Clamptek Encyclopedia: Air Hydraulic Pump (AHP Series)

Product Features

• It uses factory compressed air to generate hydraulic pressure as the power source for the hydraulic cylinders, and its flow rate is larger than a general hydraulic pump. The pressure can be continuously pumped, and there is no limit on the boosting stroke of the actuating cylinder.

• Pressure adjustment is made by the pneumatic pressure regulating valve, and the pump is stopped when the hydraulic pressure is reached. If the hydraulic pressure drops, the pump will compensate automatically. This series is explicitly suitable for hydraulic fixtures with the smaller flow or other long-term hydraulic clamping mechanisms. It also features energy savings, no oil temperature growth, and economical advantages.


Product Main Overview

• The imported high-performance pneumatic selector valve is used to ensure longer life expectancy and stable operation of the air hydraulic pump.

• It adopts Clamptek's customized special sealing components, and with the cooperation of the company's advanced technology on pneumatic/hydraulic cylinders, it ensures the pneumatic cylinders to have a long-term and stable operation without any air leakage.

• The high-pressure hydraulic port adopts NOK seals from Japan to ensure steady and reliable output pressure.


Product Advantages

1. Compact Structure for Space Saving

The volume of a common 7MPa, 16L/min hydraulic pump unit oil tank is generally at 40 liters or 60 liters, and a few can achieve to have as small as 20 liters. However, the minimum tank volume of Clamptek’s air hydraulic pump unit is 5 liters.


2. Low Maintenance Fee

Hydraulic oil generally needs to be replaced once a year. Compared with a common 40-liter pump unit, this Clamptek series can save up to 35 liters worth of hydraulic oil annually.


3.   Energy-Saving

• For example, suppose during a product processing cycle, the cylinder clamping time is about 5 seconds, the processing time is about 60 seconds, and the material loading time is at 15 seconds. The machine works 16 hours a day. After deducting the material loading and processing time, the total air consumption of the air hydraulic pump takes 1 hour per day


[16 x 60 x 60/ (5S + 60S+ 15S)] x 5S = 3600S


Taking Clamptek’s AHP-16 air hydraulic pump as an example, the air consumption of continuous operation is about 3.36 cubic meters per hour (A 22kw air compressor generally has an exhaust volume of 3-3.5m³/min). One minute of use of the air compressor can generate a day worth of air consumption usage for the air hydraulic pump. Therefore, the air and electricity consumption of the air hydraulic pump is very minimal and cost-efficient.

• For a common 7MPa, 16L/min hydraulic power unit, assuming that it is calculated by 1.5KW motor, works 16 hours a day and consumes 24 kWh of electricity per day.

• Therefore, switching to an air hydraulic pump unit can save up to 23 kWh worth of electricity per machine per day.


4. Low-Temperature Growth

• Without any leakage, the air hydraulic pump unit automatically keeps the pressure constant after the workpiece is clamped by the hydraulic cylinder, so the system has no temperature growth. And because of the low-temperature rise of the hydraulic system, the life expectancy of the cylinder seals is greatly improved, and the cycle of hydraulic oil replacement can also be extended.


5. Easy Connection to CNC Machines

• High-pressure hydraulic oil can go to the machine tool fixture without any power connection to the machine tool. The pump unit adopts a selector valve with manual control or air-controlled hydraulic selector valve.


6. Lower Noise Level Compared to Other Similar Products

• The working noise of Clamptek’s AHP series is at 75 decibels only, compared with similar products of other mainstream Japanese brands which are at 78 to 85 decibels.


• Note:

Compared with the common electric hydraulic pump, the output flow of the hydraulic pump is smaller.

Product Application

1. The air hydraulic pump is suitable for vertical and horizontal processing fixtures.

2. Since it does not need to be connected to any electrical components, they are applicable to a working environment with explosion-proof requirements.

Recommendation!! Clamptek's Air Hydraulic Pump – AHP Series:


Maximum operating pressure: 6 kgf/cm²


-Type A:

It is installed with an ISO specification manifold and solenoid valve and is suitable for single-acting or double-acting hydraulic cylinders. The electromagnetic ball valve has been equipped to improve the internal leakage and life expectancy of the air hydraulic pump.


- Type B:

It includes PT threaded manifold block and can be connected to a hydraulic manual controlling valve for operation. When the double-pump is applied, the option to choose the pumping pressure ratio will become available. Type B is specifically suitable for jigs and fixtures that require the use of low- and high-pressure operations at the same time. The volume of the oil tank is small in size for space-saving and easy installation.



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