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050 series owns the smallest height for mounting when space is limited, but it is necessary to manufacture a hole for installing swing clamp on fixture plate and the cylinder body can be inserted into the fixture plate. Installing is very simple. You just need 3 or 4 PCS of bolts to fix your swing clamp cylinder.
Feature of the doubling acting type: Oil circuits control clamping and unclamping, you can control the clamping and unclamping by changing the direction of the valve.
Feature of the single acting type: The design of the interior system is simple. It is not necessary to design for unclamping. It can return back to original position by spring and the system design is simple because of few accessories. It can return back to position under free load.
The material of the cylinder body is carbon steel and treated by nicarbing. The hardness of the outside and inside surface of the cylinder is high and the cylinder is anti abrasive.

Max. operating pressure: 250 kgf/cm²
Min. operating pressure: 70 kgf/cm²
Single acting and Double acting
The action and the speed of clamping / unclamping needs to be slowed down appropriately.
The length and weight of the customized clamping arm shall not exceed 1.5 times of the standard clamping arm.
Please refer to Q&A for the rotation diagram, installation instructions and removal methods of the clamping arm.

Usable fluid:
ISO-VG-32 hydraulic oil equivalent to ISO viscosity grade

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Product Information

Model 050-22 050-52 050-92 050-121 050-202
Clamping Force(Single Acting)(250kgf/cm²) 173 380 710 970 1830
Clamping Force(Double Acting)(250kgf/cm²) 180 445 780 1060 1960
Swing Stroke(mm) 8.5 14.6 14.1 18.4 17.9
Clamping Stroke(mm) 8 8 8 10 10
Total Stroke(mm) 16.5 22.6 22.1 28.4 27.9
Cylinder Capacity Clamp(cm³) 1.24 4.05 6.92 12.04 21.93
Cylinder Capacity Unclamp(cm³) 2.52 8.57 17.75 22.81 44.33
Eff. Piston Area Clamp(cm²) 0.75 1.79 3.13 4.24 7.86
Eff. Piston Area Unclamp(cm²) 1.53 3.79 8.03 8.03 15.89
Range of Temperature(°C) -10~+70°C -10~+70°C -10~+70°C -10~+70°C -10~+70°C