Product Information

This machine with MC clamp is exclusively to mass-produce spare parts. It is a big helper to raise production efficiency. The clamping arm of this clamp will swing around the angle when the piston traveling down, and then keep straight on until the clamping arm clamps the work-piece tightly.
You had better install a flow control valve to adjust the acting speed, and don't clamp the workpiece when the clamp is running, Otherwise will be easy to damage the body and the spare parts.
The material of the cylinder body is made of aluminum metal alloy, the surface is processed with the hard membrane and the inside of it is smooth. It is long-lived to use.

Max. operating pressure: 7 kgf/cm²
Min.operating pressure: 4 kgf/cm²
Double acting
The acting speed of clamping-unclamping should be slowed down.
For customized clamp arm, please don't exceed 1.5 times of the original length and weight.
The methods to mount & remove and the rotation diagram of the clamp arm, please refer to Q&A.

Usable fluid:
Oiled Dry Clean Compressed Air.

Ordering Indication

ASC Series ASC
MF Type Blank: Line Type, MF: Manifold with Flow Control, MS: Magnetic Type, FA: Flange Type, TB: Threaded Body
32 Cylinder Inside Diameter Ø25, Ø32, Ø40, Ø50, Ø63
S Clamping Arm Type S: Single Side Arm, D: Double Side Arm
R Rotating Direction R: Right, L: Left, N: No Swing
90 Rotating Angle Standard Angle: 90°(±2°), Order Angle: 0°, 45°(±2°), 60°(±2°)
E - Stroke Extension

Product Information

Model ASC-25 ASC-32 ASC-40 ASC-50 ASC-63
Clamping Force(7kgf/cm²) 24 42 74 115 196
Swing Stroke(mm) 9 11 11 13 13
Clamping Stroke(mm) 13 15, 30 15, 30 17, 34 17, 34
Total Stroke(mm) 22 26, 41 26, 41 30, 47 30, 47
Cylinder Capacity Unclamp(cm³) 12.28 20.9, 32.96 32.66, 51.5 58.89, 92.26 93.48, 146.45
Cylinder Capacity Clamp(cm³) 7.41 15.68, 24.73 27.43, 43.26 49.47, 77.5 84.06, 131.69
Eff Piston Area Unclamp(cm²) 4.91 8.04 12.56 19.63 31.16
Eff Piston Area Clamp(cm²) 3.37 6.03 10.55 16.49 28.02
Range of Temperature(°C) -10~+60°C -10~+60°C -10~+60°C -10~+60°C -10~+60°C

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