About Us

President's Message

      Our mission at Clamptek is to continue devoting and providing competitive pricing with the highest quality products to our customers by implementing morality, diligent, professional and innovational values into our managerial and everyday work life. We believe that by fulfilling such values, we can help build a greater and stronger company to help support and care for our employees, which can lead to better customer services and productivity.


Disciplinary Integrity
Rationality Efficiency
Achievement Contribution
Organize Cohesive
United Innovative Progressive
Cultivated Inclusive
Quality controlled

      With the expertise and experience gained from the 20 years development, Clamptek is able to bring positive contribution and influence through the input and dedication of all colleagues to the society with our manual toggle clamps and pneumatic/hydraulic clamping system into various industries, such as assembly of automobile & motor, aircraft, printing machinery, CNC turnkey engineering, electronic assembly, and automatic Industry...etc.

      Though the global marketplace has been fierce and competitive, Clamptek has been striving to meet and surpass the increasing demand from our customers while pursuing the steady development of our core business. To suffice customer satisfaction, Clamptek is actively expanding our competitive edge and offering stable and reliable services such as product customization according to customers' needs to create added value and reach operational efficiency. Furthermore, to improve the overall quality and accuracy of our products, Clamptek is leading the industry by using the high-end processing equipment from Taiwan, Japan, and Germany.

      Being part of society, Clamptek believes in giving back to the community. Therefore, to fulfill our social responsibility, Clamptek allocates funds every year to sponsor the public welfare and supports poverty and unemployment alleviation. Internally, we constantly improve and provide a safe environment for the employees and allow colleagues to contribute personal value through every platform.

      In the end, for continuous improvement and growth, Clamptek is open to any suggestions and advice from the public to develop and become a better member of the society.