Product Information

The series of swing clamp cylinder is ideal for workpiece clamping which requires a sufficient space for convenient workpiece loading and unloading and high pressure clamping.
It provides swing motion (do not clamp workpiece) and vertical holds down motion.
The swing clamp cylinder employs Germany oil seal and imported parts. The inside surface of cylinder barrel is specially treated, featuring maximum smoothness, high performance and long service life.
For maximum oil feeding speed, refer to specifications. Do not exceed oil feeding speed to avoid too high swing speed. ln case improper swing speed occurs, it is suggested to equip with an additional oil flow control valve to reduce oil feeding speed.

Max. operating pressure: 250 kgf/cm²
Min. operating pressure: 70 kgf/cm²
Single acting and Double acting
The acting speed of clamping-unclamping should be slowed down.
For customized clamp arm, please don't exceed 1.5 times of the original length and weight.
The methods to mount & remove and the rotation diagram of the clamp arm, please refer to Q&A.

Usable fluid:
General Hydraulic Oil Equivalent to ISO-VG-32.

Ordering Indication

HPS Series HPS
25 Hydraulic Cylinder Inside Diameter Ø25, Ø32, Ø40, Ø50, Ø63
S Acting Type S: Single Acting, D: Double Acting
A Installation A: Threaded Type, B: Line Type, C: Manifold Type
R Swing Direction R: Turn Right, L: Turn Left
90 Swing Angle Standard Angle: 90°(±2°), Order Angle: 30°(±2°), 45°(±2°), 60°(±2°)

Product Information

Model HPS-25 HPS-32 HPS-40 HPS-50 HPS-63
Clamping Force(Single Acting)(250kgf/cm²) 380 650 1140 1580 2560
Clamping Force(Double Acting)(250kgf/cm²) 440 780 1300 1760 2880
Swing Stroke(mm) 9 10 10 12 12
Clamping Stroke(mm) 11 13 12 15 15
Total Stroke(mm) 20 23 22 27 27
Cylinder Capacity Clamp(cm³) 3.54 7.2 9.94 19.09 31.16
Cylinder Capacity Unclamp(cm³) 9.8 18.49 27.63 53 84.13
Eff Piston Area Clamp(cm²) 1.77 3.13 4.52 7.07 11.54
Eff Piston Area Unclamp(cm²) 4.9 8.04 12.56 19.63 31.16
Range of Temperature(°C) -10~+70°C -10~+70°C -10~+70°C -10~+70°C -10~+70°C

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