Product Information

The accessories of the CPF series are optimally designed to create a more compact-sized product with enhanced strength. With its special dust-proof design, this product has improved its sealing performance and protects against any particles or debris while in use. With its design to swing horizontally, this series is able to achieve space efficiency required when designing fixtures.

Max. operating pressure: 45 kgf/cm²
Min. operating pressure: 20 kgf/cm²
Double acting
The action and the speed of clamping / unclamping needs to be slowed down appropriately.
The length and weight of the customized clamping arm shall not exceed 1.5 times of the standard clamping arm.
Please refer to Q&A for the rotation diagram, installation instructions and removal methods of the clamping arm.

Usable fluid:
ISO-VG-32 hydraulic oil equivalent to ISO viscosity grade

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Product Information

Model CPF-35 CPF-40
Clamping Force(45kgf/cm²) 291 424
Clamping Stroke(mm) 10 10
Total Stroke(mm) 10 10
Cylinder Capacity Unclamp(cm³) 6.47 9.43
Cylinder Capacity Clamp(cm³) 6.47 9.43
Eff. Piston Area Unclamp(cm²) 6.47 9.43
Eff. Piston Area Clamp(cm²) 6.47 9.43
Range of Temperature(°C) -10~+70°C -10~+70°C