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A hydraulic swing clamp is a clamping device that converts hydraulic pressure into a clamping force to secure the pieces. When the NFS hydraulic swing clamp is in action, it clamps down vertically after rotating to the left or right.
The cylinder's body is manufactured with highgrade carbon steel and processed with hardened surface treatment.
The standard angle is 90 degrees, options to customize the angle at 30 degrees, 45 degrees, or 60 degrees are available. Installation of a flow control valve at the oil inlet is highly recommended to control the swinging speed and avoid inertial impact. When the hydraulic cylinder is clamping and pressing downward, the workpiece should be clamped within the lock stroke range.
During the workpiece's loading & unloading period, please be sure to clean the oil seal from the piston rod with an air gun to avoid embedding any particles and chips.

Max. operating pressure: 210 kgf/cm²
Min. operating pressure: 70 kgf/cm²
Single acting and Double acting.
The action and the speed of clamping / unclamping needs to be slowed down appropriately.
The length and weight of the customized clamping arm shall not exceed 1.5 times of the standard clamping arm.
Please refer to Q&A for the rotation diagram, installation instructions and removal methods of the clamping arm.
Customization is available upon request, please contact us for more info.

Usable fluid:
ISO-VG-32 hydraulic oil equivalent to ISO viscosity grade

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Product Information

Clamping Force(210kgf/cm²) 420 760 1450 495 890 1600
Swing Stroke(mm) 12 12 12 15 15 15
Clamping Stroke(mm) 11 11 11 18 18 18
Total Stroke(mm) 23 23 23 33 33 33
Cylinder Capacity Clamp(cm³) 5.45 9.75 17.6 7.82 13.99 25.25
Cylinder Capacity Unclamp(cm³) - - - 16.2 26.53 41.25
Eff. Piston Area Clamp(cm²) 2.37 4.24 7.65 2.37 4.24 7.65
Eff. Piston Area Unclamp(cm²) - - - 4.91 8.04 12.5
Range of Temperature(°C) -10~+70°C -10~+70°C -10~+70°C -10~+70°C -10~+70°C -10~+70°C